Lessons from my first course (2)

Three months later, I’m finally coming back to this blog to finish gathering my thoughts on my first class. And since I took such a long break from my blog, the spring semester is now over, meaning that I can now also reflect on my second and third classes (which went better I think?)

In my preceding post, I tried to highlight what went right and wrong. Now, I’ll try to understand what I can do to make my next classes better by analyzing why things went the way they did.

One big issue during the first class was that I ended the semester being extremely tired. This happened once more during this spring semester. Part of it is understandable: these are my first courses, and I have a lot to learn and so preparing each class takes me a lot of time. Part of the solution is thus going to come from my summer resolution: finishing august with all my material ready for the classes of the autumn semester, and having the material for the spring classes ready by the end of january. Hopefully, I can then use only half a day each week preparing for each class. Hopefully, this will make me less stressed and less worn out when the end of the semester comes.

The second big issue was that I was blindsided by the fact that the students didn’t like the class. That’s pretty easy to fix, however. What I did during this semester was that I asked twice the student representatives to gather feedback from their peers so that I could get a better picture of how they felt. I’ll try to up this to three times for my next classes: once per month. I think this is very important since I feel that students are shy in expressing the problems they have with a class. They are willing to give feedback: I just need to ask it from them. Hopefully, this will be unbiased feedback. My biggest worry is that they won’t be honest with me. I’ll try to be careful here.

On top of this, I feel like I have learned a little about good teaching practices. I’ll take the time to reflect on that in another blog post. Armed with this new knowledge, I hope that my classes next year can be better!